Upgrade your Monopoly gameplay with blockchain-based digital money!

250 million copies of Monopoly have been sold since 1935 (in 103 Countries and 37 languages)
and today game manufacture sold an average of 3.3 million copies per year.
Deck of paper Monopoly money has printed and included in each game.
Each year Parker Brothers prints more Monopoly money than the US government prints real currency.

We build on Algorand™ - the world’s first open source, permissionless, pure proof-of-stake blockchain protocol
for the next generation of financial products and games ;)

Replace Monopoly paper banknotes with digital tokens in Algorand Wallet. Send and receive transactions between players in seconds.

“Monopoly Money” is a token created on the Algorand blockchain, create a new account or use an existing one to get it for FREE.
Depending on the chosen role in Monopoly game, the wallet will be funded with 1,500MM or 20,000MM and minimum amount of Algo for making transactions.